Sunday, March 8, 2020

A Handy Guide To Writing An Essay On Yourself

A Handy Guide To Writing An Essay On YourselfHow to write an essay on myself by Ralph Waldo Emerson is a lovely book which you will find a great deal of value in, and one which I've had to reread several times since my teens. The back cover says that it 'focuses on the creative side of human endeavor,' and while I'd agree with that, I've found that the essays in this book are useful just as much for 'creative' purposes as for analytical ones. I'm not sure if Emerson intended for this to be an analytical, academic book, but it's definitely more of a handbook than a work of literature - a few insights here and there can't replace a deeper understanding of what it is you want to say.I didn't realize that you could actually write an essay on yourself at all - certainly not in this manner, as the only real difference between the essays in the book and those on your own would be that one is written in a 'normal' style, the other in the mode of the great poets. But I think that the most sur prising thing about this book is the number of poems it contains. I would have found it very odd if a well-known poet had penned something like this - but you can't help feeling that Emerson was way ahead of his time.I remember one piece of this book where he discusses writing the history of a town in the form of an essay. He then goes on to describe various characters in the town, their lives, and how these changes impact the town itself. It's so abstract and dry that I couldn't help but laugh out loud at some of the details he describes - which is unfortunate, because the point of the exercise is lost.Another essay in the book discusses the essayist's duty and how to write an essay on yourself this way. Although the focus is on an essay on yourself, it still works just as well for any sort of essay on the general topic.Finally, he discusses writing an essay on yourself in terms of the ideal state - which I find fascinating. Here, he touches on what it is to be in that state, and h ow it differs from the 'real' world of the ordinary life.It seems that to write an essay on yourself means that you should observe everything you see in the real world, observe all the aspects of your life that affect your work, as well as those that don't - and then arrange them all into an essay. But even though I think this sort of essay is quite interesting, I have to say that I haven't yet written my own.I'm sure that I'll be doing it soon, and I'm also sure that I'll write my own essay on myself; but I think I'll go about it differently from how Emerson proposes. I think I will use his essay on myself as a starting point - and then do everything else in my own words. I hope you'll consider this as well and get started with your own.

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